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About Etymology.ch

I am into etymology already for more than 10 years, although until recently only in the quite narrow field of given name etymologies, as can be seen on my BabyNames.ch website.

When I decided to try something new I noticed that there is only a surprisingly small number of good websites dealing with etymologies of common words, and I got the impression that many of those do not make full use of the power of HTML and modern web browsers.

I give an example to show what I mean: Many dictionaries on the Internet, whether "normal" or etymological, indicate languages with abbreviations, e.g. OE for Old English.

Of course that made perfect sense on paper where dictionaries were already thick enough without spelling out Old English thousands of times. But why bother the reader of a website with abbreviations that he or she may not know or confuse?

But of course we could do better still than merely avoiding something like OE and clearly writing Old English. Maybe after encountering this the reader wants to know what kind of language that was, and when it was spoken. No problem, just link to some info about Old English!

So my interest was piqued, and decided to give it a try.

It's not sure at all whether Etymology.ch will ever develop into something really useful, and something better than other etymology websites at least in some aspects. This might go over my head, or die because of lack of time or because I loose interest.

But as of now I am working on it, and there is some steady progress. Let me see where this will all lead.

The sources of the etymological info and the resources used for building the server software can be found here.

You can find some info about me and ways to contact me here.