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Norwegian Bokmål (Language)

Description:literally meaning book tongue, one of two official written standards for the Norwegian language, the other being Nynorsk
Info:Bokmål is used by 85–90% of the population in Norway, and is the standard most commonly taught to foreign students of the Norwegian language.
 Bokmål can be seen as reflecting formal middle-class urban speech, especially that found in the eastern part of Southern Norway, with the capital Oslo as the centre.
 The government does not regulate spoken Bokmål and recommends that pronunciation should follow the phonology of the speaker's local dialect.
In use since:officially adopted in 1907 under the name Riksmål after being under development since 1879   (Source)
Words:vann Norwegian Bokmål "water, lake"
 rød Norwegian Bokmål "red"
 syv Norwegian Bokmål "seven"
Further Info:en.wikipedia.org