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Norwegian Nynorsk (Language)

Description:literally meaning new Norwegian, one of two official written standards for the Norwegian language, the other being Bokmål
Info:27% of the Norwegian municipalities, mostly in Western Norway, have declared Nynorsk as their official language form, and these comprise about 12% of the Norwegian population.
 Historically, Bokmål is a Norwegianised variety of Danish, while Nynorsk is a language form based on Norwegian dialects and puristic opposition to Danish.
In use since:created by Ivar Aasen during the mid-19th century, as an abstraction of a number of spoken Norwegian dialects   (Source)
Words:vatn Norwegian Nynorsk "water, lake"
 raud Norwegian Nynorsk "red"
 raun Norwegian Nynorsk "rowan"
Further Info:en.wikipedia.org